FERNANDO PESSOA said "all Portuguese carry within them a certain nostalgia for the grandeur of the past. This bitter sweet melancholy a part of everyday life is known as "SAUDADES" a pain that you enjoy, a pleasure from which you suffer."

At "SAUDADES" you will enjoy the experience of seeing "art and the finest Colonial Furniture" set in a beautiful and old Indo-Portuguese manor.

SAUDADES is a temporary home to several exquisite pieces of Colonial furniture & ethnic artifacts that are testimony to the country's varied and colorful history. Temporary because this beautiful collection not only exists for perusal but even to be bought easily and at a prudent price.

At SAUDADES we set out to bust the myth that top quality Colonial furniture and artifacts are very expensive to buy and we have succeeded.Both the furniture and the artifacts are completely affordable and importantly, great investments.

Our love affair with Goa started in the mid 1990s and we searched long, hard and patiently before we came upon and purchased this property that evolved into SAUDADES.

Each room has been arranged such that it simultaneously underscores the charm and beauty of each piece of furniture while rendering a regal splendor to the set up as a whole.

Our inventory is charming and handpicked with great love and passion, so we invite you to also, personally visit us at SAUDADES and enjoy the experience as much as we have over the past 15 years.

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