Four decades, dealing in exquisite Colonial Furniture & Ethnic Artifacts, have gone by quickly. It is said that time goes by quickly when you are having a good time.

We, Moorthy & Jacinta, have enjoyed our years in the dealing room & Moorthy is always happy to recount the story of how he started "dealing".

Having a penchant for things old & the fact that he was moving in to a new home, Moorthy had collected many interesting pieces, over a short period of time. As he completed decorating the spaces, he realized that he had many charming & interesting pieces left, that he could not use. Well, on went the "thinking cap" & bingo, there came the idea.... It went like this "put a little advertisement in the local newspaper to sell the pieces that he could not use", that weekend between the hours of 10am & 5pm...the doorbell started ringing at 8.30am & by 10.30am the same morning, all the pieces were gone, sold, out the door!!!

MOORTHY'S was born & weeks became months & months turned into years & it has been a magnificent journey. It was such an enjoyable journey that in the year 2000 we created SAUDADES. Our fascination for Goa prompted us to buy (after much searching) a venerable old (more than a 130 years to be exact), Indo Portuguese manor house, located in the village of Sangolda. Within this charming & handsome structure, we continue to do what we know best, deal in Colonial Furniture.

In both places & spaces, we keep a simple agenda - INTEGRITY & KNOWLEDGE. Through the years all our customers have stayed good friends, globally. We are happy to be known by word of mouth from satisfied customers. It has been one of our methods to gain exposure and has suited us well.

In 2011, Moorthy was appointed Curator of the Archdiocesan Heritage Museum, Mumbai. The wonderful museum is located in Goregaon (East), St Pius X College, Mumbai 400 063. The restoration of all the artifacts, on display, in this museum was done by Moorthy.

We have been the source to collectors both in India & globally. Our uniqueness lies in our "restoration of pieces & the eye to choose the unusual & rare". Our restoration is as per international levels & we adhere strictly to those levels.

We are happy to discuss with our customers, both old & new, the various factors involved in choosing pieces & what should be looked out for, when a decision has to be made.